Thank you

I want to thank you and your team (Tumble Tots Bolton) for a wonderful year at Tumble Tots, my little boy has always loved the class and I’m so proud of the skills he has learnt (I can clearly see his improved climbing skills in the park and on my settee ha ha!!!). The small disciplines such as the train line and regularity of singing and sticker time have been… great things for him to learn as he has now started preschool this year.

Kelly R
Tumble Tots Bolton

Really Appreciate Everything

I really appreciate you and your team for the weekly warm welcome and although you see many children in the week I always felt he was an individual and was so happy that you always remembered he needed everything to be red!! I will continue to recommended you, your class and your fab team of girls to my friends and family and I wish you every success with your wonderful business in the future. It’s always great to see someone who genuinely cares about their business and who clearly strives to offer the best service to clients and customers.

Many thanks again. Its only been a year but I will actually miss you all !

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Reception Class

Sharon and her team have visited our school for the past 10 weeks and have been working with our Reception class of 30 children. The children and staff have really enjoyed and benefitted from the experience. Sharon adapted her classes each week and catered for different abilities including children with additional needs.
Balance and agility are improved as a result of these sessions. the children thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and were keen and eager to learn new things.
They arrived promptly each week and set up a wide range of equipment in our hall for the children to use. We look forward to working with her again in the Autumn term.

Headteacher, Highn Wych CE Primary School

Loves Going To Tumbletots

My daughter absolutely loves going to Tumbletots and always has so much fun. She has been going since attending as a baby at gymbabes and has developed up to the walking to 2 years and after her birthday in July she will be moving to the next age group up! I think tumble tots has helped her development in all areas especially helped to build her confidence. So I would be more than happy to be involved in promoting such a fantastic group!

West Midlands

Wonderful Manner

Thank you so much for your input and your wonderful manner with the children. That approach definitely got the best out of Harvey and no doubt maximised his learning outcomes during his time with you all. We will look back fondly on our memories at Tumble Tots and all the things your team and you taught Harvey. You and your team played such a key role in both Harvey’s and my lives, as we both went on the journey from baby, to toddler and then to little boy. Harvey talks about you all, all of the time and I have noticed that his climbing and balancing are so much better than other children who have not attended your sessions.
Thank you so much again; your sessions have been so beneficial to Harvey, across the board. I recommend Tumble Tots to mothers that I meet all the time through toddler groups. I intend to keep in touch and update you on Harvey’s progress again in the future. Please keep up the fantastic work that you do with the children.

Helen Spalding
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Past 5 Years

Oliver’s last Tumble Tots session before he starts pre-school next term, and I just wanted to write and thank you for all that you have done for both my children over the past 5 fiveyears.
Abigail and Oliver have both loved Tumble Tots since they started aged 1, and thoroughly looked forward to coming every week. It has not only developed their co-ordination but has also given them a love of climbing and physical activity.
I also want to thank all the other ladies who have often been their on a Monday with you, but it’s been lovely that the four of you have been there consistently over the many weeks, clearly striving to make all the sessions fun and showing an interest in all the children as individuals. I will remember our time with you as really important in Abigail and Oliver’s early years



I am mum of twins and initially worried about how on earth I would cope with two small babies at Gymbabes session. I contacted the “owner” of the local group who assured me that bringing 2 little ones along was no problem and they would fully support me. My girls have a condition which means they are severely double jointed and only now, at almost 2 are beginning to stand/walk. GymBabes has been a fantastic way to encourage them to weight bear, crawl, climb and “tumble” with absolute confidence. All the helpers at the sessions have been excellent and help me each week, from getting a baby from the car to putting her back in.

The environment at Tumble Tots is so friendly and my girls love it when I get their Gymbabes T-shirt out of the wardrobe. All of the helpers at the sessions know what physio the girls are working on and incorporate this into the way they play – I truly believe that attending these sessions has encouraged my girls to “get up and go” and given me an opportunity to attend a hands on type activity with twins.

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Wonderful and dedicated

Tumble Tots are a wonderful, dedicated team, always friendly and good-humoured and give a very cheery start to our Wednesdays. The Reading team are like a big happy family and you know that your child will be very well looked after and encouraged to try all the activities. We love Tumble Tots and have had a great experience over the years

Leena Lane

Genuine Interest

Tumble Tots takes a genuine interest in the parents and their children and I would also consider her a friend….I am sure many others think of her in the same light. Never without a smile, the team are always welcoming and they too show traits of genuine interest in the parents and children involved. This can only be down to the strong leadership she provides.

Melanie Wooding Jones

For Grown-Ups Too

I simply can’t not thank you enough! Your continued patience, persistence and sense of humour have not only helped me on the days I despaired, but have also helped Matthew to grow, develop and build confidence. I’m so glad I’ve spent the last 3 years with you and will miss you all so much. Not only has it helped Matthew but it’s helped me, with my confidence in making mummy friends. It’s not just about the children, it helps the mummies, daddies, grandparents and carers leaving their home to go and do something fun. You are all amazing!

Melanie Hughes
Tumble Tots Bolton