Healthy Heroes Competition Winners

5th May 2018

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Thank you so much to everyone who entered our Healthy Heroes Week competition. We had so many entries and we loved reading all your stories.

You are all winners in our eyes but unfortunately we could only pick 3 children to receive the PJ Masks and Tumble Tots goodies so congratulations to Andrew, Joshua and Freya! Here are there stories:

Bronze Winner: Freya Anderson

Attends: Tumble Tots Gloucester

“As a baby my daughter Freya had her own unique way of moving around. Basically, by rolling. She could roll from one end of a large room to the other in the blink of an eye. At around 12 months her crawling really took off, however she was showing no signs of wanting to walk and so I thought Tumble Tots would encourage her and so I enrolled her into TT classes when she was 15 months old. It certainly did help! She was enjoying the classes so much that I purchased the Actions Songs Wiggle and Shake DVD. For weeks we watched it every day. Freya soon learnt all the moves and although still unsteady on her feet would wiggle away to Wiggly Woo and all the songs. Now she loves to dance. In December last year she took part in a danceathon at a local church for the charity Bayete, which is Ugandan for “help them” and at present is looking after 30 vulnerable and orphaned children in Uganda. The hours spent watching the TT DVD was certainly time well spent! I am extremely proud of Freya and would like to nominate her for the Healthy Hero awards, for not only doing something physically active in the community, but for helping to raise money for charity in the process.”  

Silver Winner: Joshua Amery

Attends: Tumble Tots Crewe

“As soon as we saw Joshua we knew we were in for an adventure. At 4 hours old he stopped breathing and remained on a ventilator. At just a couple of weeks old we were transferred to Alder Hey Hospital to find out what type of adventure Joshua had in mind. He had endless tests and slowly started to show signs of improvement and began to breathe all on his own amazing everybody around him. We eventually were informed that Joshua had a neuromuscular condition so the nerves were not sending the messages from the brain to breathe, walk, talk etc. Joshua then had a feeding tube fitted and due to his improvements finally made it home to start our care from there. The next stage of our adventure was trying to live a “normal” life without fully knowing what Josh’s future held. We didn’t expect Josh to achieve any milestones a child would typically do smiling, sitting up, talking, walking but we always tried and knew whatever the adventure we would make it a fun one. To help us along the way and make our fun adventure we signed up to a number of groups such as Tumble Tots. We attended the hospitals regularly and they were astounded that our little miracle was smiling, starting to sit up and even before his 2nd birthday walked and was managing to eat without a feeding tube! Everything on our adventure was getting better however unfortunately after his 2nd birthday Josh had respiratory failure resulting in a loss of one lung. However he never let it get him down! Josh is now 4 years old and although with respiratory and neuromuscular conditions he is attending mainstream school with no additional help and loves swimming, karate, football and not forgetting his old time favourite, Tumble Tots. The medical professionals up and down the country are amazed as when we visit in typical Josh style we walk in and Josh is a complete show off balancing on one foot, running, jumping and asking them to hurry up as he’s very busy with school and fun! The consultants cannot believe with such conditions Joshua is the way he is today. We believe with the determination and support from Tumble Tots have been the making of our Joshua adventure and we are eternally grateful to Ann and the ladies at the Byley group for all their help and support.”  

Gold Winner: Andrew Young

Attends: Tumble Tots Penrith

“Not only has he continued to persevere and attend his classes (and school) through ups and down of treatment for his illness but he has also excelled expectations of his physical abilities. He is a very strong determined boy and an inspiration to all people young and old. He has some ongoing treatment to come and with the strength and support from his amazing family I’m sure he will show strength throughout. A perfect example of a little hero.”

“Please could I nominate an inspirational young boy Andrew Young for the Healthy Hero competition. He has gone through so much in his short life to date, he was diagnosed with a brain tumour before his 3rd birthday which had prevented him from achieving a number of physical mile stones such as crawling, walking, and effecting his speech and communication. Since diagnosis he has gone through multiple investigations, surgeries and rounds of Chemo, All at a hospital miles away from his home. He has defied all odds and can now walk independently, despite being told he would never walk unaided. He attends Tumble tots and now Gym Bobs at Wetheral and brings a smile to everyone’s face. He has gone through so much and continues to faces challenges head on with the support of his amazing family. He is very much a Healthy hero.”

“I would like to nominate my son Andrew. Andrew was diagnosed with a brain tumour in Feb 2014 just after starting tumble tots to help with his mobility. He underwent an 11hr operation and extensive physiotherapy to help him love again. He had a year of chemotherapy, and another iteration. but through all this he continued to gain strength with the help form the team at tumble tots Carlisle and smile everyday, eventually starting to walk a little last year. Unfortunately his tumour is back and He needs another course of chemo but will battle on. He is truly a hero.”

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