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30th May 2018

Head Office

This year we are so pleased to say that four of our franchisees have been nominated in the “Most Outstanding Activity Leader for the Under 5s” category of the What’s On 4 Awards.

Here’s what they have to say:

Most Outstanding Activity Leader for the Under 5s – South West, Wales & West

Jo Duggan – Tumble Tots Redditch 

“From when I was a little girl, Tumble Tots has been part of my life. My mom used to run her own franchise (in the West Midlands area) and it was always my wish for a training day at school so I could go to work with her. We also had the best birthday parties as kids.

So naturally when I had my little girl Tumble Tots was definitely on the top of my list for groups to join. I attended Tumble Tots Redditch with Jessie-Ann until she went to school. Thinking my Tumble Tots days were over, I was so excited when I received an email one day saying the business was for sale!

I took over Tumble Tots Redditch in the summer of 2014 and together with my amazing Tumble Tots ladies have built on the reputation of the business and currently have over 200 members attending weekly. I love my job, I love seeing our Tumble Tots grow in both confidence and ability every week.

We are so pleased to be nominated for the What’s On 4 Awards 2018. It really does reinforce that the parents / carers who attend our classes believe in the Tumble Tots programme as much as we do. We are so proud to play a part in helping children in our area gain ‘skills for life!”

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Most Outstanding Activity Leader for the Under 5s – North

Megan Jackson – Tumble Tots Macclesfield & Wilmslow

“Over the past 2 and half years I have been running the Tumble Tots franchise in Macclesfield and Wilmslow. I use to be a Tumble Tot when I was younger and have fond memories of my time in the classes. I have always had a passion for working with children, teaching and interacting with others; the franchise allows me to do what I love everyday.

250 children attend the 17 sessions that run across the week at Macclesfield and Wilmslow Leisure Centre. All of our classes have grown in popularity and it is really rewarding to see how much each child enjoys the programme. I love seeing how much the children grow physically and develop their own personalities. I particularly enjoy working with children with additional needs.

We pride ourselves in creating a welcoming and non-judgemental environment. It seems that there is so much pressure nowadays to be the “perfect parent” – at our centres we aim to provide a supportive setting with a listening ear, where parents can grow and learn with their children.

The team and I couldn’t believe it when we had been nominated for the What’s on for Kids Awards 2018. It really does mean so much to us and it shows how valued the Tumble Tots programme is in our area.”

Vote for Megan (number 11)


Most Outstanding Activity Leader for the Under 5s – North

Paul Johnson – Tumble Tots Chester

“My first experience of Tumble Tots was as a Tumble Tots dad. Chasing our energetic little boy around the Walking – 2 Years class in Chester as a “tag-team” with my wife Suzy was not only great fun, it also provided a perfect opportunity to use nice varied physical challenges to strengthen our bond as a family. We always rated it as the best activity that we did with him, so when the chance came up to run the very same area that we had attended, we jumped (and balanced and rolled) at it.

That was 4 years ago now, and Tumble Tots Chester is just as much fun as it always was. Now we’re standing on the other side of the climbing frame, working with an amazing team, and helping our dedicated parents to work with their little ones, to the point where they can confidently “fly solo” in the 3 Years – School Age and Gymbobs classes. We see between 300 and 350 Tumble Tots and Gymbobs each week in our Chester classes. On top of this, we have been delighted to work with Dorin Park SEN college for the last two years, with some fantastic results.

At Tumble Tots Chester, we love what we do, and the team really do give it everything they’ve got. Our Tumble Tots are incredible little people, and we look forward to seeing them progress and develop each day. Recognition for doing something that you believe in like this is very special, so to be nominated for the What’s On 4 Awards is a fantastic achievement for our team. Thanks everyone!”

Vote for Paul (number 11)


Most Outstanding Activity Leader for the Under 5s – East

Leonie Brady – Tumble Tots St. Albans & Borehamwood        

“My name is Leonie Brady, and I’ve been running Tumble Tots St Albans & Borehamwood since the summer of 2014, after attending Tumble Tots classes with my own children for around ten years before that.

I have worked really hard over the last 3 and a half years to build the reputation of my classes, and together with the support of an amazing team of “Tumble Tots Ladies”, we have turned this franchise around!

My aim was for local parents to ask each other “have you signed up for Tumble Tots yet?”, rather than “have you heard of Tumble Tots?”.

I am very proud that 900 children have joined Tumble Tots in my area over the last 4 years, and we currently have over 200 children attending every week, all busy developing their “skills for life”, and loving all the fun and challenge that the Tumble Tots programme offers.

I was really excited to be nominated for the WO4LO award of Most Outstanding Activity Leader!  Parents tell me every week how much their children enjoy coming to my classes, and how they have seen their skills and confidence grow and it gives me a great sense of pride to know that I am helping so many children in my local area to stand a little taller and jump a little higher every week!”

Vote for Leonie (number 12)

*Voting will close on July 13th at 12pm*